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With reference to Vedic astrology, it is believed that the nine planets take 120 years to complete a cycle around the Sun; likewise a human is bestowed with a life expectancy of 120 years. from 60  years of age, every tenth birthday thereafter is deemed as a blessing of the gods and the milestone is celebrated with great pomp and vigour.

shashtiaptha poorthi represents the completion of 60 years of age Shashti means sixty; abda–year; poorthi-completion. IT  should be performed in the sixty first year and in the same month and day of birth according to the Indian Zodiac. This is considered to be the best option. In case it is not possible to time it exactly on the same day, allowance is given to perform it on a convenient day during and before the completion of sixyfirst  year. after this every 10 years you should do the shanthi 

Sheshtabdi Purthi Santhi

 bheemaratha shanthi completes 70 years of age,

and sadabhishekam completes 80 years of age. 
 That is [81y- 54d]. This gives the 'Tithhi' of the day of birth of the person (Janma tithhi) whose celebration it is. If a full moon happens to be before his Janma Tithhi by 'x ' days, then you'll find a full moon day so many days before [81y- 54d]. that is the day of celebration. 

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Sheshtabdi Shanthi is 60th birthday
SheshtabdiPoorthi  Shanthi is 61st birthday
Bheemarathi Shanthi is 70th birthday
Sadabhishekam or Sahasra chandra darshana shanthi is 81 years 2 months