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Sankastahara Chaturthi Vratha Udapana Homam

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Sankastahara Chaturthi is an auspicious day dedicated to Lord Ganesha. This day is observed in every Hindu calendar month on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha after the poornimi  .If this Chaturthi falls on a Tuesday it is called Angaraki Sankastahara Chaturthi. and is considered highly important among all Sankashti Chaturthi days.Observing the is believed to reduce your problems as Lord Ganesha symbolizes the removal of all obstacles and supreme lord of intelligence. this vratham can be done for your lifetime if that is not possibal than you can do for  21 years,9 years , 7 years ,5 years or atliest 1 year. after the complition of the years of which you have taken sankalpam you have to end the pooja by doing Sankastahara Chaturthi Udayapana Homam.

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