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Para Brahmam is in dormant form in each and everything. It is like Potential energy.Prana Prathista is like charging Godness or converting this Potential Energy into Kinetic Energy. Avahana is invoking Ishta Devata. That is like utilizing the Kinetic Energy.

During Prana Pratistha, the idol is said to be given life, eyes and other organs.and Devata will be invoked in the idol Through this, we are injecting the cosmic consciousness that enables all our vision, into the idol As the idol is given life and senses  we are charging the idol with the devata-ness

   The Agama shastras says Prana Prathistapana is explicit energy like the fire that has emerged out of the fuel, oil extracted out of the seed, butter that floated to the surface after churning milk or like the fragrance that spreads and delights all. That energy can manifest itself in different forms and humans can approach those forms through appropriate means. The Agamas recognize that means as the archa, the worship methods unique to each form of energy-manifestation or divinity. 

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